About this project:

This project was a school project.
We had to create a level of a game called RoZoSho. Which stands for 'robot zombie shooter'.

The game has 11 levels and we had level 11.


We had to make a level design and devide it up with the number of group members.
We had 5 members, so that meant 5 cells.

I had the last cell which contained the World Ending Device, or just W.E.D. for short.


This project was done together with:

Joey van Santen - programmer

Martijn de Ronde - 3D artist

Jordi Stout - 3D artist

Robert Hodes - 2D artist


This project was the done from April 16th to June 27th.

The Design process of the W-E-D

Missile Turret

Rubble Kit